Peering into the Universe and its Elementary Particles from Underground

The Hyper-Kamiokande detector is planned to consist of an order of magnitude larger tank than predecessor experiment Super-Kamiokande's and ultra high sensitivity photosensors. The Hyper-Kamiokande detector is both a “microscope,” used to observe elementary particles, and also a “telescope” for observing the Sun and supernovas, using neutrinos.

It is the aim of Hyper-Kamiokande to elucidate the Grand Unified Theory and the history of the evolution of the Universe through an investigation of proton decay and CP violation (the difference between neutrinos and antineutrinos), together with the observation of neutrinos from supernova explosions.

Hyper-Kamiokande is part of an international research project aiming to start experimentation in the second half of 2020s.

Latest News

29, Jan. 2019 Call for Project Assistant Professors at Kamioka Observatory
25, Jan. 2019 The First Meeting of the Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment Financial Forum
12, Sep. 2018 Statement of the President of The University of Tokyo Concerning the Start of Hyper-Kamiokande
17, Jul. 2018 “ICHEP2018 Satellite Meeting for Hyper-Kamiokande and KNO” was held.
26, Jun. 2018 Call for Assistant Professor Position at Kamioka Observatory for the Hyper-Kamiokande Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Experiment
15, May 2018 Hyper-Kamiokande Design Report is now on the arXiv.
5, Apr. 2018 Test of improved prototype and new anti-chain-implosion covers were carried out.
9, Nov. 2017 Inauguration Ceremony of Next-Generation Neutrino Science Organization for the Hyper-Kamiokande Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Experiment
25, Oct. 2017 An English version of Roadmap2017 is now open to the public by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-JAPAN (MEXT).
20, Oct. 2017 Call for Associate Professor Position at Kamioka Observatory for Hyper-Kamiokande
8, Aug. 2017 The Hyper-K CG movie is uploaded.
7, Aug. 2017 The Hyper-K is in the MEXT Large Projects Roadmap
3, Aug. 2017 Hyper-Kamiokande Advisory Sub-Committee for Cavern&Tank was held
20, Jul. 2017 Hyper-K included in the draft MEXT Roadmap for Large Projects
3, Apr. 2017 [Topics] Development of software towards Hyper-Kamiokande
27, Mar. 2017 [Topics] HK group is developing a dedicated electronics module
23, Feb. 2017 [Topics] The workshop on Supernova at Hyper-Kamiokande was held

Latest News